Thread and Soul Clothing Company is based in northern New Jersey. The basic idea for the

company came for the owners' immense love for clothes and fashion. Despite the fact that their

career paths have not led them into fashion, they decided that no dream is worth sacrificing. That

is how Thread and Soul was born.


There were two criteria that the clothes had to meet. First, and most important, is that quality is

paramount. Thread and Soul garments are made from the finest materials with painstaking attention

paid to every detail. The fit had to be tailored and flattering but incredibly comfortable. Second, the

designs would be somehow relevant. The goal was to stay clear of the fads and to focus on

timeless and culturally boundless ideas. The results are simple, yet complex and provocative,

designs. They span an emotional spectrum that we all can relate to.


At the present time Thread and Soul can only offer t-shirts and hats. However, we do not expect

this to be the case for long. We have many amazing ideas and are looking forward to expanding our



Thank you for visiting with us. We hope you find our products  pleasing to your eye and soul.






























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